Raising Beautiful Butterflies, Inc.
A Youth Empowerment

Education ● Self-esteem ● Etiquette ● Empowerment!


Raising Beautiful Butterflies, a 501c3 located in Metro Atlanta. Founded in 2017 and established as a nonprofit 501c3 organization in 2019. Since 2017 we have been dedicated to providing self-esteem enhancing programs for our young queens that uplift, educate, and motivate!  Our workshops were created to empower our young queens.  We aim to inspire, motivate, and transform our young queens of today into confident, empowered women of tomorrow.  

It is critical that children at the formative  juncture between childhood and the teen years receive consistent  mentorship, support and guidance. No matter what transitional stage a  young girl is in her life they all need to feel confident.  The "I Am  Beautiful" workshop helps young queens form their own sense of self and  their own opinions.   

Like a butterfly I am growing and changing and finding my true colors in  life. I am finding my wings so I can fly, and soon I'll be on my way