Our Purpose....

Raising Beautiful Butterflies, Inc. ("RBB"),  founded in 2017 and established as a 501c3 organization in 2019.  The organization was started to serve girls between the ages 4-21 who are exhibiting at risk behaviors that could take a negative effect on their lives.  


At RBB, we have a passion and drive to introduce young girls to Christian values in a way they can understand and digest, so they can walk passionately and boldly in who God has created them to be and value their whole selves.  We are dedicated to empowering a generation of young queens,  to be bold,  authentic leaders in their lives,  school and communities by transforming self-doubt into self-love through dialogue about things that matter Every day. Young queens are bombarded with messages in the media that attack what she is NOT and we work every day to help her love the skin SHE IS IN and who SHE IS; to see that in herself and inspire that in others. 

It’s a movement of young queens, redefining what is beautiful, valuable and possible, inspiring a generation of leaders, trailblazers and change makers within their communities. RBB strives to motivate young queens that in spite of their hardships, there are possibilities that await them. In order for young queens to regain strength in their spirit of succeeding one must be in a positive uplifting environment that promotes their best effort and reinforces personal respect and self-awareness. 

It was formed for the purpose of bringing together women from all walks of life to create a strong sisterhood that empowers, motivates, and uplifts while making a powerful impact on young girls through community involvement, mentorship, adolescent scholarships, and social activities.

At RBB, it’s our intent to work in partnership with parents, our community partners, and other organizations to provide the guidance needed to ensure that our girls receive the support they need to navigate the challenges they face today. 


Mission To inspire and empower young girls to be confident, self-sufficient, socially poised, and ambitious by engaging them within their communities, building their self-esteem, imparting social etiquette skills, increasing literacy and encouraging sisterhood. 

Vision Inspire, rebuild, empower, and transform so that young queens have the confidence to make positive Life Choices as they prepare for the next chapter in their lives. 



  • Ambition 
  • Plan
  • Authenticity
  • Prepare
  • Character 
  • Community
  • Pursue
  • Diversity 
  • Empowerment
  • Resilience 
  • Respect


In  the United States, girls and young women of color face deep-seated  disparities. From birth, girls of color are more likely to face poverty than  white girls: over 60% of girls of color are born to families living on low incomes or below the poverty line. They’re also more likely to  suffer child sexual abuse, be sexually harassed on the street and at school, and experience dating violence. Distinct differences in the ways in which class, race, immigration status, sexual identity,  youth, and other identities intersect in the lives of girls of color  also drive unique disparities. 

Black girls, for example, are six times  more likely to be suspended in school than their white peers. Native American girls experience the highest rate of physical assault by an intimate partner.  Twenty-two trans women and girls were murdered in 2015, with women and  girls of color making up a disproportionate number of the victims.

                                                         ~Pamela Shifman, NoVo Foundation