Founder & Executive Director

Raising Beautiful Butterflies Youth Mentoring Program started as a thought, but it was something deep  inside of her that God was waiting to pull out. Growing up in New Orleans (7th ward to be exact) as a child she was faced with a number of hardships and challenges, which helped her become the woman she is today. She was forced to grow up before her time and recognized early on that education was her way out. As a teen she built up a sense of drive, self-assurance, and determination knowing that she had to make it out. She took the initiative to apply for a number of universities, understanding that if she wanted a better life, she had to fight for it. Lastly, she told herself that she would be virtuous, astounding, and successful in everything she does with the help of God, aunt’s, and her Godmother who served as her mentors and most importantly she had to start believing in herself. The hardest part about growing up poor was knowing she couldn’t mess up. Not even once.

After graduating from high school, Trinise went on to obtain her B.A. in Political Science from Tuskegee University, a graduate degree in Business and Public Administration from the University of Phoenix, and a PhD in Public Administration/Law and Public Policy from Walden University. 

I’m often asked what I want to do in life. I’m doing exactly what God wants me to do and I am thankful that I know what drives me and I’m passionate about. 

In addition to operating Raising Beautiful Butterflies, she is a legislative analyst for the City of Atlanta, an active participant in multiple community service projects, and a member of several professional organizations.

Looking back on her childhood growing up poor made her a stronger, more confident adult.  After years of contemplation, having the goal of launching a non-profit organization benefiting her community, Raising Beautiful Butterflies ("RBB") was founded in 2017. In March of 2019, the organization became a fully formed 501(C)(3). 

She started RBB because she wanted young BUTTERFLIES to be provided with women to look up to who look just like them, who may have been through what they have been through and who can provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and opportunities through RBB that will make them confident, socially poised, and self-sufficient leaders, within their communities and encourage sisterhood. 

The meaning we create from our experiences shape who we are and help us to recognize what we are meant to share with the world. Trinise approaches all that she does with a passion to serve others and create positive change. 

She and her husband, Arthur Foster, reside in the suburbs of Atlanta, in the city of McDonough, GA with their daughter. When not working, Trinise enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and exploring Metro Atlanta.