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This is your one-stop shop for great resources for the ups-and-downs of the teen years:

Below are lists of resources for the challenges that might come up in the teen years.


  • Tahira Bell, a teen life coach, business specialist  for entrepreneurs serving teen girls, and the founder of Teen Girl  Impact, a company dedicated to empowering teen girls and young women  worldwide through life coaching, curriculum development, and parent  education. Ms.  Bell earned her master's degree in secondary science education from the  University of Pittsburgh, and she is a former educator in the  Pittsburgh high school system, who knows first-hand the issues young  women face. Ms. Bell also authored the free  eBook, “15 Essential Life Lessons Your Daughter Must Learn Before She  Graduates High School.”  Click here
  •  Girls and Boys Town National Hotline: If  you face problems such as domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse,  thoughts of suicide, parenting worries, or out of control children call  1-800-448-3000 
  • Parent Hotline call  1-800 222-1222 
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, click here  
  • Counseling resources nationwide: family counseling, grief counseling, addiction, and general counseling found here:  

Website Resources Below by Topic:

Bullying,  cutting, depression, domestic violence, drugs and drinking, eating  disorders, education challenges, first aid, healthy eating, online safety,  sex/pregnancy, suicide. The section below  that are resources for college and STEM. 




  • Signs Your Child is Being Bullied 
  • Raising awareness about bullying and advocates for parents of children who are being bullied in the schools, click here 
  • Government site designed to assist with bullying, click here 
  • Bully lesson plans, click here 
  • ANTI-Bullying DARE, click here
  • Stomp Out Bullying, click here
  • Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center, click here 
  • Bullying Prevention Toolkit click here

Consumer Safety Guide

  • Welcome to Consumer Safety Guide

 Cutting & Self Harm: 

  • Self Injury, click here
  • Self Harm Treatment Center of Atlanta, click here
  • Kids Health, click here



  • Crisis Response – We are here for you and ready to help 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year. 
  • Depression, click here   
  • Girls  and Boys Town National Hotline: If you face problems such as domestic  violence, drug and alcohol abuse, thoughts of suicide, parenting  worries, or out of control children call 1-800-448-3000
  • National Youth Crisis “Hopeline” for depression: 1-800-442-4673
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: 1-888-333-2377
  • The Top Mental Health Challenges Facing Students 


Domestic Violence:

  • Shelters and resources, click here 
  • Verizon  Wireless HopeLine® phones are distributed only through shelters or  social service agencies for victims of domestic violence.
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline by dialing (800) 799-SAFE (7233)
  • Stay safe and getting help, click here 

 Drugs & Drinking:

  • Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse: A guide for Caring Parents
  • Abeycare Group, helping you beat drug & alcohol abuse, click here
  • Alcohol.org
  • Is my T
  • Smoking among College Students, click here
  • Rehabs.com
  • A Guide to Restful Sleep without Drugs or Alcohol, click here
  • The Effects of Smoking on Teenagers and Young Adults
  • Treatment Guides for Parents
  • Alcohol Rehab and Recovery
  • Personalized Addiction Treatment
  • Drug Treatment Center Finder is a a free resource hub that strives to provide the most up-to-date information and available treatment services
  • Recall Report alerts the public to the latest information on dangerous drugs and products
  • Opioid Abuse Prevention
  • 5 Signs your teens is using opioids and 5 facts that put them at risk
  • Drug Dangers is committed to providing information on a range of medications and medical devices that have serious complications.
  • How to talk to your kids about Substance abuse – Rehab Center
  • Detox Local – Find A Detox Local To You. Built By Recovered Addicts To Help People Recover.
  • Cocaine use and abuse is on the rise, Addiction Center has the information you need for all drugs and additions.
  • Georgia Substance Abuse Prevention and Education click here
  • Find Georgia Drug & Alcohol Abuse Rehab Centers Near me click here
  • Ten Rehab Center and Resources, click here
  • Addiction Care Options Hotline: 1-888-243-3869
  • Teen Challenge:  click here
  • HOTLINE: Drug 24-Hour Hotline: 1-800-821-HELP
  • HOTLINE: Alcoholism Help Line: 1-800-ALCOHOL
  • Georgia Free Rehab Center: click here
  • PAL- Parents of Addicted Loved-one’s, click here 
  • Equip patients and families with the best information, resources and tools to overcome addiction and lead a lifelong recovery. Drug Rehab
  • The Insight Program Drug and Alcohol Treatment Teens click here
  • Teen Drug Abuse & Addiction, click here
  • Teenage Drug Abuse – A Guide for Parents & Educators click here

Eating Disorders:

  • Understanding Eating Disorders
  • Eating Disorders: What Families Need to Know
  • Eating Disorders, click here
  • National Eating Disorders Association, click here
  • Christian based recovery programs for teens 200+ locations: Teen Challenge
  • National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, click here  
  • Eating Disorders Coalition, click here
  • Center for Discovery Atlanta, click here 
  • Eating Disorders Resource Center, click here 
  • The Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders Atlanta, click here 
  • A site whose goal is to educate the world on eating disorders and to encourage every sufferer towards recovery, click here 
  • Body Positive looks at ways to feel good in the body you have, click here 
  • HOTLINE: American Dietetic Association 1-800-877-1600
  • HOTLINE: National Association of Anorexia & Associated Disorders 1-847-831-3438

Educational Resources:

  • Choosing the best school for your child, click here 
  • Free homework help for Atlanta student. The hotline number is (678) 553-3029 
  • You Read; Teach Children with Learning Disabilities, click here 
  • Grants for African American Students at Colleges and Universities, click here
  • Black Scholarship, click here
  •  Series I or EE US savings bonds-
    Instead of a  529 to save for college consider asking your financial advisor about a  Series I or EE US savings bonds in the parents names – these bonds may  be redeemed to pay for college costs without incurring tax on the  earnings. Ask for details about it.
  • TRIO Programs
    The TRIO  programs help low-income Americans enter college, graduate, and move on  to participate more fully in America’s economic and social life. TRIO  programs help students overcome class, social and cultural barriers to  higher education, click here
  • GEAR UP Partnerships
    GEAR UP is a  federal program designed to enable more young Americans to succeed in  middle and secondary school, to study hard, take the right courses for  college and become competitive for admission to colleges and  universities. GEAR UP enables states and communities to strengthen their  schools and provide better educational opportunities for low-income  students, click here
  • I Have A Dream Foundation
    The “I Have a  Dream”® Program helps children from low-income areas reach their  education and career goals by providing a long-term program of  mentoring, tutoring, and enrichment with an assured opportunity for  higher education, click here
  • Application for Federal Student Aid, click here
  • Register for the PSAT or SAT, click here
  • Register for the ACT, click here
  • Hope & Zell Miller Scholarships, click here
  • Scholarship Searches, click here
  • Achieve Atlanta, click here

First Aid: 

  • A Parents Guide to First Aid, click here  

Healthy Eating: 

Mental Health:

  • Association for Black Psychologists, click here
  • HBCU Center for Excellence in Behavioral Health, Click here
  • National Association of Black Social Workers, click here
  • National Black Child Development Center, click here
  • National Medical Association, click here
  • Co-ocurring Disorders, click here
  • Your Guide to Better Sleep & Mental Health, click here
  • Fast Facts About Mental Illness, click here


Online Safety:

  • Online safety: coaching and workshops for parents for online safety, click here 


  •  Understanding Teen Self-Esteem Issues, click here 

Sex & Rape: 

Teen Pregnancy: 

  • Need words, resources and help, click here
  • Teen Parent Connection, click here
  • Pregnancy Resource Center, Henry County-Metro Atlanta, click here
  • Pregnant or Parenting Teen? click here
  • OBGYN for women and teen pregnancy, click here 
  • Planned Parenthood-East Atlanta Health Center, click here

Suicide and Getting Through Rough Times Resources: 

  • Suicide Prevention Guide
  • How to Defend Yourself Against Peer Pressure
  • Suicide Information, Resources & support, click here
  • Go directly to a center near you FIND it here
  • The Trevor Lifeline, the leading national organization providing crisis  intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay,bisexual,  transgender, and questioning youth (866) 4-U-TREVOR, click here 
  • Girls  and Boys Town National Hotline: If you face problems such as domestic  violence, drug and alcohol abuse, thoughts of suicide, parenting  worries, or out of control children call 1-800-448-3000
  • Youth America Peer Counseling Hotline 877-968-8454
  • Stage of Life, click here 
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, click here 
  • Georgia Department of Behavioral health and Developmental Disabilities Suicide Prevention, click here
  • Georgia Suicide Prevention Resource Center, click here

 STEM Resources: 

  • Black Girls Code, click here
  •  Tech Major Guide to help students learn more about STEM related careers, learn more HERE
  • The Best Colleges for STEM Students
  • The Importance of STEM: A Review of STEM for Kids and Teens
  • Learn more about Careers in STEM with this STEM Career Guide
  • Women in Engineering: Degree Programs & Opportunities
  • The Connectory : The Connectory is the go-to place to discover local STEM opportunities for the children.
  • Technology Education – STEM Resources
  • PBS SciGirls:  SciGirls videos are great resources for the classroom. Each episode  follows a different group of middle school girls who are designing and  building STEM projects.
  • CanTEEN:  CanTEEN was developed to help girls explore STEM careers. Take a  challenge (such as creating your own urban garden), play games like  “Click! Spy School” or learn more about real-life role models.
  • Women@NASA:  Meet the women you want to be. This NASA site includes video interviews  and biographies of NASA employees, as well as info on careers, events  and outreach programs. Energy.gov has a sister site called Women@Energy.
  • Youth Empowered Action (YEA):  YEA is a week-long overnight camp for kids age 12 to 17 who want to  change the world. Workshops include “Planetary Problem Puzzles” and “A  Million Ways to Make a Difference.”
  • Codeacademy:  Learn to code interactively (and for free). Code academy offers coding  classes in major programming languages like Python, PHP, jQuery,  JavaScript and Ruby.
  • Student Science:  A central spot for science news, blogs, resources and information about  Intel competitions. Sample article titles include “Native ‘snot’” and  “A library with no books.”
  • TechRocket: Neat tool for exploring programming languages, 2D and 3D game design, and more.
  • Over 200 STEM and STEAM websites for kids – search here
  • Women and girls in STEM resource and scholarships, click here 
  • Want a career in STEAM but need to figure out what direction. Search here